Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: The Human Beinz - Evolutions (PSYCHEDELIC 60s GARAGE US 1968)

9 March 2015

The Human Beinz - Evolutions (PSYCHEDELIC 60s GARAGE US 1968)

"The Human Beinz", "Ting Markulin" (rhythm guitar, vocals), "Richard Belley" (lead guitar, vocals), "Mel Pachuta" (bass), "Mike Tatman" (drums), was formed in 1965 in Youngstown, Ohio.
They debuted on "Gateway Records" in February 1965 with "Pied Piper" / "My Generation" (Gateway Records 838, 1965), and during the next year or so they recorded one single "Evil Hearted You" / "My Generation" for small label Elysian (820F-8687, 1966).

The Human Beinz in 1966

Exciting live show helped establish the band's reputation; so they signed to Capitol Records in mid 1967 and they are best remembered for their smash cover of 1963 "The Isley Bothers"' "Nobody but me".
While their first album wasn't anything out of the ordinary, when they went into the studio to record their second LP, they were determined to create something unusual, and you can't argue that they succeeded with Evolutions (Capitol Records ST 2926, 1968). Producer "Lex De Azevedo" seemed more interested in conjuring up some ambitious Psychedelic production numbers for the group.

Evolutions opens with "The Face", an excellent Psychedelic Pop track with production values (strings, horns, harpsichord and lots of Fuzz guitar) that are a good deal more sophisticated than the typical "Human Beinz" outing. This cut sets the tone for the lp nicely and features a smooth mixture of acoustic and electric guitar textures.

The mellow numbers, "Close Your Eyes" and "Cement", are solid Folk-Rock cuts that hint at a softer, introspective side. "My Animal" , "I've Got To Keep On Pushing", and "Every Time Woman", are worthy gems that give lead guitarist "Richard Belley" ample breathing room to stretch out and produce some wicked Fuzztone solos.
The Fuzz guitar instrumental "April 15th" and Country-rocker "Two Of A Kind" are over the top Psychedelic madness except two utterly dull minutes where they destroy a piano with an axe.
The rest of the lp is given over to short compact folk-rock numbers, psychedelic pop, and menacing Garage punkers.
Evolutions is a long way from "The Human Beinz" Frat-Rock, soul influenced origins.
It's a killer album by an underrated band.