Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: Clap - Have You Reached Yet? (TEENAGE PUNK US 1972)

7 April 2015

Clap - Have You Reached Yet? (TEENAGE PUNK US 1972)

Clap was a group of Southern Californians from North Torrance, "Steve Morrison" (Lead Vocals, Harp), "Jim Morrison" (Bass Guitar, Vocals), "Dave Aurit" (Lead Guitar, Sax, Vocals), "Keith Till" (2nd Guitar, Vocals), "Scott Mercier" (Drums, Percussions) and "Les Hurst" (Drums), who embodied the swagger/slacker mentality of early '70s denim-clad Rock kids to an impressive degree.
The album, "Have You Reached Yet?" (Nova Sol 1001, 1972) was a charm with the hefty "Rolling Stones" influences so common of the day being reshaped by a strong "Shadows of Knight" snarl.

A sound and style that although part and parcel to the stoner seventies mentality had a totally unique and refreshing approach that sounded as if it could stand on its own not only in 1972 but 1966.
Only 300 copies were pressed. The band hated the primitive inept recording quality, their dreams were soon shattered and they vanished into regular careers.


Steven Squadere said...

This is so rad to find something like this and see that people still sell this record. I have a few copies of this album. My uncles were the lead singer and bass guitarist.