Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: T.I.M.E. - Smooth Ball (PSYCHEDELIC HARD-ROCK US 1969)

30 April 2015

T.I.M.E. - Smooth Ball (PSYCHEDELIC HARD-ROCK US 1969)

Following the release of their eponymous 1968 debut album, the band "T.I.M.E." underwent a major personal upheaval with founding members "Larry Byrom" and "Bill Richardson" jettisoning drummer "Steve Rumph" and bassist "Nick St. Nicholas" in favor of drummer "Pat Couchois" and former "Richard and the Young Lions" leader "Richard Tepp".
The revamped band returned to the studio with producer "Al Schmidt" releasing their sophomore collection "Smooth Ball" (Liberty Records LST-7605, 1969) in 1969.

Featuring new bassist "Richard Tepp", "Smooth Ball" is heavier, more Psychedelic, features longer tracks and shows a more technically competent band who make full use of the studio.
The twin guitars of "William Richardson" and "Larry Byrom" are center stage on "Smooth Ball" and the result is quite pleasing to the ear. The centerpiece of "Smooth Ball" is the 10 minute tour-de-force "Morning Come" featuring "Larry Byrom" at his finest.

Their Blues influence is evident on tracks like "Lazy Day Blues", while "See Me As I Am", "Trust In Men Everywhere" and "Flowers" are examples of their attempts to get to grips with the predominant Psychedelic influences of the time.
Lead guitar plays a much larger role with frequent acid lead guitar by "William Richardson" and "Larry Byrom" prominently mixed.

The connection to Steppenwolf becomes more apparent on this record.

see also T.I.M.E. - T.I.M.E. (PSYCHEDELIC POP US 1968).