Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: Unique Beatles Photographic Auction on May 7

7 May 2015

Unique Beatles Photographic Auction on May 7

On May 7 in collaboration with Leonard Joel Auction House to auction off one of the largest private collections with 81 lots of unique Beatles photography memorabilia ever assembled.

This auction brings together a collection of unique and never before released photographs of the iconic English rockband The Beatles during their only Australian tour and their first ever U.S tour from 1964. As 'Beatlemania' swept the globe, photographers Eve Bowen and Brian Cotter captured the candid behind-the-scenes moments and fan frenzied performances that solidified The Beatles' place in music history. This is a very rare opportunity to acquire the original negatives and accompanying 1 of 1 editioned prints taken by Bowen and Cotter of the band during this time. All Beatles photographs come with the negative, 1 of 1 edition prints done this year, and copyright.

Here are some of the highlighted lots from the May 7 event, "Unique Beatles Photographic Auction":
Lot 6: The Beatles on their way to Washington by train during their US 1965 tour

Lot 9: 2X Images of The Beatles during a press conference on their way to Washington by train during their US 1965 tour

Lot 40: The Beatles performing on the Ed Sullivan Show circa 1964

The condition of the Beatles negatives are as shown in the scans online (they have not been touched up) and they come with a 1 of 1 edition print (done this year). We've done this in order to better illustrate these beautiful pieces to our clients' during viewing and to show how the negatives translate.
The majority of the Eve Bowen photos were taken in one session on the train journey to Washington U.S.A during the Beatles first ever U.S tour in 1964 and offer a lovely insight into what seem to be very playful men. Most of the negatives were acquired as a group and several have been previously illustrated online with the consent of the vendor. What makes this opportunity so unique is that they come with copyright so the owner may use the image and reproduce it as they wish.