Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: The Knights of Fuzz: the new Garage & Psychedelic music explosion

27 February 2016

The Knights of Fuzz:
the new Garage & Psychedelic music explosion

The Knights of Fuzz: the new garage & psychedelic music explosion
Timothy Gassen
502 pages, Purple Cactus Media Productions (PCMP) 3 edition (August 19, 2014)

The history of Garage Rock's rebirth is now told – through the new book "The Knights of Fuzz": the new Garage and Psychedelic music explosion.
The ongoing "Knights of Fuzz" history project began as a 1990 book titled "Echoes In Time". This first modern Garage-Psych history book, written by award-winning author Timothy Gassen, quickly sold out, and today is a much sought-after rarity.
The book doubled in size for its 1995 update edition as "The Knights of Fuzz", is regarded as the 'bible' reference source for the garage and psychedelic music revival of the 1980s and 1990s, and has garnered universal praise from across the globe. And now The Knights of Fuzz are back!

Timothy Gassen's world-renowned series that defines the Garage-Psych music revival returns with the long-awaited updating of the 1995 book and the official re-issue of the 2006 video DVD. The new 500-page paper book features thousands of international neo-Garage and Psychedelic band histories, extensive CD and vinyl discographies, hundreds of interviews, and hundreds of rare photos and album cover reproductions. Chapters focus on international fanzines, garage music video, compilation albums, plus a detailed analysis of the worldwide modern garage and psychedelic scene from 1980 to now.
Author Timothy Gassen also includes feature pieces from other invited notable international garage music authorities, widening the breadth of coverage for the ongoing global caveteen phenomenon – the Garage and Psych bands that are "The Knights of Fuzz".
The 2014 updated paper book and video DVD make "The Knights of Fuzz" available again for a whole new Garage generation – and for the Garage generations to come.

The new large-format "Knights of Fuzz" paperback book features: * 500 pages, including a reprint of the entire 1995 book * 200 pages of new band updates, reviews & more from 1995 to now * new band & scene overviews written by worldwide Garage authorities * vintage fanzine reproductions & Garage feature articles * new photo sections & album covers (and a new book cover).
The new book celebrates the bands and musicians that have kept the garage and psych music fire burning since 1980.
Thousands of bands are featured, including: The Higher State, The Fuzztones, The Sick Rose, The Gruesomes, The Satelliters, Plasticland, The Chesterfield Kings, The Brood, The Prisoners, The Rain Parade, The Miracle Workers, The Nomads, Fortune & Maltese, Girl Trouble, The High Learys, The Smoggers, The Stems, The Sound Explosion, The Unlcaimed, The Woggles – and thousands more!