Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: The Litter - Distortions (RAW 60s GARAGE PSYCHEDELIC US 1966)

15 February 2009

The Litter - Distortions (RAW 60s GARAGE PSYCHEDELIC US 1966)

The_litter,distortions,psychedelic-rocknroll,garage,action_woman,victors,feedback,british_invasion,get_hip,front"THE LITTER - DISTORTIONS" (RAW 60s GARAGE PSYCHEDELIC US 1966)

"The Litter" were one of Minneapolis' most popular 60's Garage bands.
Their origins can be traced back to two mid 60's Garage bands, "The Victors" ("Dan Rinaldi", "Bill Strandlof") and "The Tabs" ("Denny Waite", "Jim Kane").
In late 1966 "The Litter" recorded their first single, "Action Woman" backed by a cover of "The Who"'s "Legal Matter".

The name "The Litter" was presented to the band by "Jim Kane" and chosen over several other suggestions including "The Mustys".
The original connotation of "The Litter" referred to a 'litter' of puppies NOT trash or garbage as many people have assumed over the years.

The_litter,distortions,psychedelic-rocknroll,garage,action_woman,victors,feedback,british_invasion,get_hip,white_lightningFrom the intro, "Action Woman" is a flame thrower Garage Punk single with snarling vocals and one of the great extended guitar solos courtesy of "Bill Strandlof".

Many feel this single was one of Rock n Roll's finest ever and quite possibly Minnesota's answer to "The Rolling Stones"' "Satisfaction".
At this point "The Litter" were asked to record an album, since "Action Woman" enjoyed modest local success.

The_litter,distortions,psychedelic-rocknroll,garage,action_woman,warick_944s_6712The Litter: "Action Woman"/ "Whatcha Gonna Do About It?" Warick 944S 6712 1967

With the exception of one brief guitar instrumental "The Mummy" and the above tracks, all of "Distortions" is padded out with covers of classic British Invasion singles.
"The Litter" stumble when covering "The Who"'s "Substitute" but give "Legal Matter" a good Punk reading with some nice Fuzz guitar breaks.
"I'm A Man" is given "The Yardbirds"' treatment with tons of swirling Feedback, thick guitar distortion, and insane white noise.
"Codine" displays some solid Folk-Rock chops with Powerful drum work and a slowed down arrangement.

The_litter,distortions,psychedelic-rocknroll,garage,action_woman,warwick_944s_6711The Litter: "Somebody Help Me"/ "I'm A Man" Warwick 944S 6711, 1967

"Somebody Help Me" ("Spencer Davis Group"), "Rock My Mind" ("The Yardbirds") and "Whatcha Gonna Do About It?" ("The Small Faces") are energetic and full of Fuzz, angry vocals, driving guitars, and pummeling beats.

In the early days "The Litter" would learn songs from English albums imported to "Jim Kane" from a friend.
Not yet released in the United States, these songs were mistaken by audiences for original Litter tunes.

"The Litter" was the first group in the Mid-West to use lights and strobes in their stage act.
"Dan Rinaldi" was the first musician in "The Litter", and in fact in the entire Mid-West, to smash his equipment on stage.
"The Litter" as a group was the first band in the Mid-West to use fire and smoke as well as wrecking their equipment as part of their stage show.

The_litter,distortions,psychedelic-rocknroll,garage,action_woman,victors,feedback,british_invasion,get_hip,white_lightning,punk_rockContrary to popular belief it was "The Litter" not "The Electras" (later renamed "'Twas Brillig" for the national release of "Warren Kendrick"'s "Dirty Old Man") who recorded "Action Woman" first in November 1966.
"The Electras" recorded their own version for "Warren Kendrick" in the spring of 1967, but this 45 rpm was never released and is extremely rare.

The title "Distortions" was "Warren Kendrick"'s idea after he realized that almost every song on the album utilized Fuzztone guitars.

see also "The Electras - The Best Of The Electras" (60s Garage US 1965- 1968)