Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: Yardbirds: The Ultimate Rave-Up

The Ultimate Rave-Up

Yardbirds : The Ultimate Rave-Up
Greg Russo
288 pages, Crossfire Pubns; 3 edition (April 6, 2001)

This is an authorized and definitive account of rock music's most influential band, which included "Eric Clapton", "Jeff Beck" and "Jimmy Page" during its lifespan. Members of "The Yardbirds" went on to play with "John Mayall"'s "Bluesbreakers", Cream, "Led Zeppelin" and Renaissance.
"The Ultimate Rave-Up" features extraordinarily detailed and expertly researched information on the world's first supergroup. It is an encyclopedic work with great insight and expertise.

This comprehensive account of "The Yardbirds"' numerous tours around the world, recording sessions and behind-the-scenes Hullabaloo offers fans a rare window into one of the greatest groups of all time. "Greg Russo"'s brief is to detail the recordings as (and why) they happened, and to tell "The Yardbirds"' story in a way that makes sense of the convolutions of their discography - and beyond.

The Yardbirds 1966

A wealth of great band photographs is echoed by a collector's paradise of record sleeves and press adverts. If you care about "The Yardbirds", go out and buy the records, because that is what "The Ultimate Rave-Up" will make you want to do. If you want to read "The Yardbirds" story all over again, you won't find a more complete and finer book than this one.