Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: Q65 - Singles A's & B's (POWERFUL RHYTHM'n'BLUES HOLLAND 1966-1974) cd 1

7 March 2009

Q65 - Singles A's & B's (POWERFUL RHYTHM'n'BLUES HOLLAND 1966-1974) cd 1

q65,singles,revolution,revival,afghanistan,psychedelic-rocknroll,Nuyens,outsiders,nederbiet,motions,golden_earrings,wally_tax,splinter,beek,front"Q65 - SINGLES A's & B's" (POWERFUL RHYTHM'n'BLUES HOLLAND 1966-1974) cd 1

Along with "The Outsiders" this was one of Holland's top groups: Q65.

The foundation for "Q65" is laid in January 1965, when guitarists "Joop Roelofs" and "Frank Nuyens" decide to start a band with singer "Willem Bieler".
To spice up their sound, the line-up is completed by bass player "Peter Vink" and drummer "Jay Baar", both from Leadbelly's Ltd.
During the summer, the band rehearses seriously, inspired by Rhythm and Blues traditionals and the songs of "Robert Johnson" and "Willie Dixon".
Of course, they also play the usual "The Kinks", "The Animals" and "The Rolling Stones" covers.

Apparently, it was "Joop Roelofs" who came up with the catchy band name Q65, based on two "The Rolling Stones" classics: "Susie Q" and "Route 66".
However, Q66 did not sound appealing enough, so it was changed into "Q65".
Based on sheer musical ability, the Q65 deserved to be at least as well known as "The Pretty Things" or "The Yardbirds".
Indeed, the Dutch quintet could have held their own with either of those groups or "The Animals" without breaking a sweat, based on the recorded evidence, and they also had room for some of the more countrified Blues evident in the work of "The Downliners Sect".

q65,singles,revolution,revival,afghanistan,psychedelic-rocknroll,Nuyens,outsiders,nederbiet,motions,golden_earrings,wally_tax,splinter,beek,POSTER Yet the Q65 have remained one of Europe's best-kept star caliber musical secrets for more than 30 years.

q65,singles,revolution,revival,afghanistan,psychedelic-rocknroll,Nuyens,outsiders,nederbiet,motions,golden_earrings,wally_tax,splinter,beek,september_1966Their first single, "You're the Victor" / "And Your Kind" (Decca AT 10 189), was released in February of 1966.
This was a strange record for a band professing an admiration of "Sam & Dave" or "Wilson Pickett", a frantically paced piece of Punk-style Blues-Rock with an infectious "Bo Diddley" beat, screaming, raspy vocals, and a savage attack on their instruments.
The single made No. 11 on the charts in Holland rode the bestseller lists for 13 weeks.
The B-side, another original, was a more low-key, relaxed piece of Blues-Rock with slightly more of a soulful feel, but also some crunchy Punk guitar.

In May of 1966, with the group now primed for success (including a full-time manager working for them), they released their second single, "The Life I Live" / "Cry In The Night", Decca AT 10 210).

This was a more soulful record that built almost bolero-like in intensity.

For the presentation of the single "Phonogram Records" comes up with a great promotion stunt: Q65 will sail from London to Scheveningen in a small rubber boat!!!!
Friday June 3rd,the entire Q gets on board and leaves for England.
The band is interviewed by pirate radio station "Radio City", which is situated in a radar post.
Unfortunately, the promotion gig at the London Tiles Club is cancelled because they lack a work permit.
However, the band does many interviews and photo sessions with English media.
On Sunday June 5th, Q65 gets back on board to return to Scheveningen.
About 30.000 fans and other people have gathered on the beach in Scheveningen to await the Q65's arrival.
When they finally reach the shore, the band members have to fight their way through the crowd. the Q65's popularity increases tremendously, and "The Life I Live" is a Big top 40 hit.

q65,singles,revolution,revival,afghanistan,psychedelic-rocknroll,Nuyens,outsiders,nederbiet,motions,golden_earrings,wally_tax,splinter,beek,1966With two successful singles under their belt, the group debut album, "Revolution" (Decca 625 363 QL), working title "Lava", followed in 1966.
"Revolution" was a Powerful Blues-Rock album that included a snarling rendition of "Willie Dixon"'s "Down In The Bottom", a rendition of Dixon's "Spoonful" that boasted gloriously crunchy acoustic guitars behind a raspy vocal worthy of "Howlin' Wolf" himself, and a Funky version of "Allen Toussaint"'s "Get Out Of My Life, Woman", and a handful of originals that were fully competitive with the covers.
During the album session, the song "Feel Her Still" is recorded as well, only to vanish into the archives until 1997 when, playing the original tapes for the Classic Album series, the song is discovered at the end of the "The Life I Live" tape.

The album cover of "Revolution" is a true work of art, depicting the Q65 guys in a scene from the American civil war.

q65,singles,revolution,revival,afghanistan,psychedelic-rocknroll,Nuyens,outsiders,nederbiet,motions,golden_earrings,wally_tax,splinter,beek,revolutionThe album sold 25000 copies, a respectable number in the Netherlands, and established group sufficiently to rate a spot playing with "The Small Faces", "The Spencer Davis Group", "The Kinks", and "The Pretty Things" when they toured Holland.

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"Q65 – THE BOOK" by Pim Scheelings Manufacturer: UT Publishing.


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