Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: The Motions - Introduction To The Motions (60s GARAGE BEAT HOLLAND 1965)

30 April 2009

The Motions - Introduction To The Motions (60s GARAGE BEAT HOLLAND 1965)


"The Motions" from The Hague, Holland were one of the bigger groups of the 1960s Dutch Beat Explosion (or Nederbiet).
From 1964 till 1967, the line-up remained the same: "Rudy Bennett" (i.e. "Ruud van De Berg" - vocals, earlier as "Ritchie Clark and The Ricochets"), "Robbie Van Leeuwen" - guitar (ex-Atmospheres and ex-"The Ricochets", later the founder of both "Shocking Blue" and "Galaxy Lin"), "Henk Smitskamp" bass guitar (ex-"Willy and The Giants", later on "Livin' Blues"), and "Sieb Warner" (drums, ex-"The Ricochets", later on "Golden Earrings").
"Richie Clark and The Ricochets" were founded in The Hague (Den Haag) in 1963.
The members were "Rudy Bennett" vocals as "Richie Clark", "Hans Emmerik" on guitar, "Hans Hoogduin" on bass guitar, "Ton Lamet" on guitar and "Gerard Melkert" on drums.
A single was made in 1963 called "Ecstacy", "Ever Since You Said Goodbye" on the "MMP Records".
Somewhere in 1964 they were just called "The Ricochets". "Hans Emmerik" left the band and was replaced by "Robbie Van Leeuwen" who came from "The Atmospheres".
"Ton Lamet" left the band and was replaced by "Kid Van Ettinger".
"Gerard Melkert" left the band and was replaced by "Sieb Warner" who came from a band called "Willy and The Giants".
They made two singles in this line-up.
The first was "Honeymoon Song", "Springtime" on the "MMP Records" and the second was "Whiskey Doodle", "Gee Whizz It's You" on the "Lumirex Records". Somewhere later in 1964 "Rudy Bennett", "Sieb Warner" and "Robbie Van Leeuwen" formed a new band called "The Motions".
"Kid Van Ettinger" went to join "The Incrowd", one of best Dutch Rhythm and Blues band.
A new member was "Henk Smitskamp" on bass guitar, who came from "Willy and The Giants".
"The Motions" first single was released in 1964 and included "It's Gone" and a smashing "I've Got Misery".

motions,introduction,1965,psychedelic-rocknroll,garage_dutch,nederbiet,outsiders,q65,scorpions,shocking_blue,i_ve_got_a_miseryThe Motions: "It's Gone" / "I've Got Misery", Havoc SH 105, 1964

It was released on the brand new "Havoc Records".
The "Havoc Records" was founded in 1964 by a few quite famous people in Holland: "Jan Cremer" (the famous writer of "I, Jan Cremer"), "Willem Van Kooten" (famous DeeJay), "Cees De Man" and "Cees van Zijtveldt".
In 1964 "The Motions" were one of the support acts at a "Rolling Stones" concert in The Hague.
It ended in a riot, which was shown on the television the next day.
In 1965 "The Motions" released this classic MONSTER Beat/60s Garage album "INTRODUCTION TO THE MOTIONS"!

All but one of the dozen songs on "The Motions"' debut LP (Havoc Records- Negram HJH 2, 1965) were penned by "Robbie Van Leeuwen", their reliance upon original material in itself setting them apart from many non-British European bands.
But usually this is music with echoes of both Merseybeat and early MOD Rock (some Kinks influences are especially evident).
It's simultaneously moody and exuberant, the best and most tuneful track being "For Another Man".

motions,introduction,1965,psychedelic-rocknroll,garage_dutch,nederbiet,outsiders,q65,scorpions,shocking_blue,i_ve_waited_so_longThe Motions: "For Another Man" / "I've Waited So Long", Havoc SH 108, 1965

"Robbie Van Leeuwen" gets into continental-style mordant Folk-Rock music on "I'll Follow The Sun" and attractive Beat balladry on "No Matter Where You Run".

motions,introduction,1965,psychedelic-rocknroll,garage_dutch,nederbiet,outsiders,q65,scorpions,shocking_blue,love_won_t_stopThe Motions: "Love Won't Stop" / "No Matter Where You Run", Havoc SH 110, 1965

Early 1966 they recorded two singles at the Pye studio in London with free lance technician "John Stewart".
Earlier, "John Stewart" founded a production company with "Scott Walker" of "The Walker Brothers".
This connection made it happen that "The Walker Brothers" recorded "The Motions"' "My love Is Growing".

motions,1965,psychedelic-rocknroll,nederbiet,outsiders,q65,My_Love_Is_Growing,Why_Don_t_You_Take_It,havocThe Motions: "My Love Is Growing" / "Why Don't You Take It", Havoc SH 116, 1966

On the 24th of June 1966 "The Motions" released the second LP "Their Own Way".
In October 1966 they received the Ossekar award at the "Grand Gala Der Jongeren", or "Grand Gala Du Teenager", in Scheveningen.
This event took place at "The Casino" with fifteen bands like Q65, "The Golden Earrings", "The Outsiders".
Every band had to show their stuff within twenty-five minutes.
The three "Ossekar Awards" went to "The Golden Earrings", "The Motions" and "The Outsiders".
On Tuesday 20 December 1966 "The Motions" supported "Little Richard" in Paris, France, together with "The Outsiders" and the French group "Frankenstein and The Monsters".
Parts of the gig were recorded and broadcasted on "Radio Europe 1", the organizers of the whole event.
On the 22nd of May 1967 "The Motions" performed at a festival in Mallorca, Spain.
Also in 1967 "Robbie Van Leeuwen" left and formed "Shocking Blue".

Robbie was replaced by "Leo Bennink" (ex-Mack); Henk was replaced by "Gerard Romeyn" (ex-"Tee-Set", later with "Nico Haak" and Image), who, in turn, was replaced by "Paul Van Melzen" (ex-Haigs, later in the "Mailer McKenzie Band") after just six months.
The last line-up of the group (up until 1971) was: Rudy, Leo, "Jan Vennik" (sax, flute and organ, ex-"Jay-Jays", later on "Rob Hoeke and Ekseption"), "Han Cooper" (organ, bass guitar and vocals, ex-"Bobby Green Selection", later with Leo, on "Fisher and Friends") and "Bobby Green" (drums, ex-"Bobby Green Selection", also on "Fisher and Friends").


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