Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: Oda - Oda 'Black Album' (EXCELLENT HARD-ROCK US 1973)

11 March 2010

Oda - Oda 'Black Album' (EXCELLENT HARD-ROCK US 1973)


ODA was formed in 1970 in San Francisco, California and were brothers "Randy Oda" (lead guitar, organ), "Kevin Oda" (drums) along with "Art Pantoja" (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) and "Kyle Schneider" (bass guitar).
The self-titled album (now known also as "The Black Album") was originally released privately on "Loud Phonograph Records" (Loud LD 80011, 1973) in 1973 with a limited edition run of 1000 copies.

The band's biggest claim to fame was to win the local Battle of the Bands contest and later ODA won a video contest for "Billboard Magazine". ODA eponymous album was an overlooked solid Hard-Rock in NO Heavy Metal guitar style.

With excellent "Randy Oda"'s guitarwork and some great songs ODA has no weaknesses and shows a remarkable versatility on the melodic moves.
With good guitar leads and memorable riffing songs "Give It Up", "Chance" and "Mable" are the great ones in the set.

Unfortunately the band broke up a couple of years after the release of this album but "Randy Oda" would go on in the late '70s with "Tom Fogerty" in the band Ruby, then to a reformed ODA in 1984.


Heavypsychmanblog said...

Classic early 70's Hard rock like Stack, SF Shiver, Cactus, Groundshaker etc

Good Lp

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Thanx a lot!