Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: Los Vidrios Quebrados - Fictions (60s GARAGE CHILE 1967)

25 February 2015

Los Vidrios Quebrados - Fictions (60s GARAGE CHILE 1967)

Los_Vidrios_Quebrados,fictions,folk_rock,1967,chile,psychedelic-rocknroll,ues,FRONT"LOS VIDRIOS QUEBRADOS - FICTIONS" (60s GARAGE FOLK-ROCK CHILE 1967)

Interview to "Juan Mateo O'Brien", guitarist and vocalist of "Los Vidrios Quebrados" by Gonzalo Planet.
In a list of the pioneers in the Chilean Rock music, it is impossible to omit the name of "Los Vidrios Quebrados" ("The Broken Glasses").
They are probably the most important band in in this musical style that entered to Latin America during the early 60s.
Their members, "Juan Mateo O'Brien" (voice and guitar), "Héctor Sepúlveda" (guitar and voice), "Cristián Larraín" (bass guitar) and "Juan Enrique Garcés" (drums), gave the history of the Chilean Rock just one single, "Friend" / "She'll Never Know I'm Blue" (Odeon 3759, 1966), and the album "Fictions" album (UES, RCA Victor CML-2534-X, 1967).

Their love for "The Beatles", "The Kinks", "The Yardbirds" and "The Byrds" joined three of its members, who studied Law at the Catholic University of Santiago de Chile.
In the Brazil District they met the fourth member.
The first formation was named "Los Cuervos" (The Crows), that quickly changed to "Los Vidrios Quebrados" who were already in rehearsal in a room on Cienfuegos Street, in the center of Santiago de Chile.

-Why the name of "Los Vidrios Quebrados"? "Because it was a rupture, it was a different name. Oddly we sang in English and had a name in Spanish, whereas the other groups were named in English and sang in Spanish.
Everything was the other way around, of which happened in the Chilean musical atmosphere. It was a nice invention, a happy invention".

Los_Vidrios_Quebrados,fictions,folk_rock,chile,psychedelic-rocknrollAfter "Friend" and "She'll Never Know I'm Blue" single, in 1966, they recorded "Fictions" in 1967, their only LP, on "RCA Victor" records, "Ues Productions" (CML-2534-X).
Without falling in a mere copy of their influences.
The songs of the record display smooth and fine instrumental arrangements by "Héctor Sepúlveda", who also was credited as musical director of the album.
This was definitely, a ray of hope for the poor Chilean musical environment of those days, with a few exceptions.

Los_Vidrios_Quebrados,fictions,folk_rock,1967,chile,psychedelic-rocknroll-Was there much difference between the sound of the LP, in relation to the live performances?
"Héctor maintains that we were much more rocking than it sounds on the album. And the music of "Fictions" was even more sophisticated than what was usual at that time.
There was a enough advanced musicality even compared to foreign music. If you listen to the harmonies of "Introduction To Life...", or this song, a kind of Gregorian, "Concert In The A Minor", there are complex harmonies, it was not a thing you could hear anywhere else. We were very original"

Los_Vidrios_Quebrados,fictions,folk_rock,chile,psychedelic-rocknroll,ues,promoWhile recording "Fictions", "Los Vidrios Quebrados" had a very short time which was common in those days.
In addition to the technical limitations of the recording studios, the group made great part of its instruments.
The Garcés brothers worked on it, listening the Lp, the result is surprising.

"We created the bass guitar, guitars, and amplifiers with furniture and loudspeakers. We did everything, from the neck, to putting the strings, along with the electric connections. Our model was watching photos and on a newspaper we draw the forms (!)
On one guitar I replaced a pick-up with a record player needle. As it read vibrations I put in the bridge, and tightened it with two screws and I connected it. It gave an extraordinary sound.
The needle read the vibrations of the bridge.
"The vibrations were shorter, but the sound was extremely acute", indicates Eugene.

Los_Vidrios_Quebrados,fictions,folk_rock,chile,psychedelic-rocknroll,ues,saicos"To make the neck of the bass guitar we made a geometric calculation with a ruler".
The only external element to the creation of one of the guitars was a Gretsch pick-up, whereas the tambourine was given sound with bottle caps.
For the song "As Jesus Wore His Own", they played with a comb surrounded in cellophane paper, and as O'Brien's voice was flat, he decided to narrate the lyrics instead of singing.