Psychedelic-Rock'n'roll: The Fallen Angels - It's A Long Way Down (PSYCHEDELIC BAROQUE POP US 1968)

5 May 2015

The Fallen Angels - It's A Long Way Down (PSYCHEDELIC BAROQUE POP US 1968)

Realizing the futility of trying to control this band, Roulette Records allowed "The Fallen Angels" almost total artistic freedom in the production of their second album, entitled "It's A Long Way Down" ("Roulette Records" SR 42011, 1968).
The group's efforts resulted in what many listeners of the Psychedelic genre consider a masterpiece.
Without any outside meddling, The Fallen Angels were able to craft a recording which more accurately portrayed the group's eclectric musical approach.

The Fallen Angels left to right: Jack Lauritsen, Howard Danchik, Jack Bryant, Wally Cook, Richard Kumer

Song selections which especially stand out include: "Horn Playing On My Thin Wall", "Look To The Sun", "One Of The Few Ones Left", a soaring, Jazzy "Look At The wind" and the haunting finale "I'll Drive You From My Mind".
Although the album was an artistic triumph, "Roulette Records"'s promotional campaign was practically non-existent.

With no top ten hits, "The Fallen Angels" were unceremoniously dropped from the label.
Relegated to the status of local legends, "The Fallen Angels" continued creating and performing original music in the Washington D.C. area until the fall of 1969 when the group disbanded.
Still years after their demise, The Fallen Angels may be gone, but not forgotten.

The Fallen Angels: It's A Long Way Down, Roulette Records Hit-Ton Schallplatten HTSLP 340056, Germany 1968

In the February 1972 issue of Stereo Review, music critic "Joel Vance" wrote an insightful article entitled "The Fragmentation Of Rock", which analyzed the problem of developing new talent in the industry. To illustrate the overwhelming odds against succeeding, he states:
"The Fallen Angels, for example, a remarkable band from Washington, D.C., put out two astonishing albums for Roulette Records in 1967/68. But they never made it, even though they were far better than most American groups of the time".



ge said...

There IS a reunion album which is different but still quite fine: RAIN OF FIRE [MAPLESHADE label]. I'm the/a lucky guy who saw them live